Security Services, Road Maintenance and Diablo Municipal
Advisory Council

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Security for the community of Diablo is provided by the DCSD through a contract with the Contra Costa County (CCC) Sheriff’s Department. The DCSD has a dedicated full-time deputy and police vehicle to patrol and serve the residents of Diablo.

In an emergency call 911 for assistance.  For non-emergency services, contact the CCC Sheriff’s Department at 925-646-2441 or Diablo’s Deputy at

Vacation House Checks – The sheriff’s department provides vacation house check services to Diablo residents upon request. To request a vacation house check, please email Diablo’s Deputy or call the CCC non-emergency phone number above.


Roads, bridges, and culverts (that lie beneath the road) within Diablo and Kay’s Trail are maintained by the DCSD, with a few exceptions. Routine and emergency road/bridge/culvert maintenance repairs and large public works projects are contracted out to a third-party vendor.

In an emergency that impacts the roads or bridges, please contact the DCSD General Manager at

Maintenance of creeks and the removal of vegetation that encroaches onto the roads are the responsibility of the property owner. The County provides guidance on private creek maintenance. Click here to visit the site.

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Diablo MAC

The Diablo Municipal Advisory Council (DMAC) represents the Diablo community to the Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development in matters pertaining to land use, planning, and zoning. DMAC’s authority is advisory and has no binding authority. Final decisions on these matters rest with the county.  Questions concerning Diablo land use permits can be emailed to the General Manager at

DMAC is comprised of a 5-member board, which is, by definition, the DCSD Board of Directors.

DMAC meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm immediately following the regular DCSD meeting, but only when there are applications or permits to be reviewed or other land use issues to discuss.  Meeting minutes and agendas can be viewed on the Documents tab.